Mirko Feliziani

Sacri Resti | Holy Garbage

Concept, realisation & performance: Mirko Feliziani and a group of persons from a local community
A production of LSDMI – Le Sembianze di Marion Ilievski

SACRI RESTI | HOLY GARBAGE is a site-specific audio-tour project, for which a local community is invited to join a series of conversations and provide answers to the following questions:
• Is there a person/place which belongs to the past, and about which I would like to talk?
• What objects are linked to the memory of this person/place?
• Are there any sounds starting to play in my mind when I recall this memory?
• What are the places connected to this memory?
One or more micro-dramas are thus created and eventually recorded as audio tracks, to which an audience can listen to while visiting the urban area/city. 

December | Premio Tuttoteatro.com alle arti sceniche “Dante Cappelletti”, Rome (IT)
August / September | Verdecoprente Residency, Giove (IT)
October | Overline Residency, Pesaro (IT)



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