by Ivo Dimchev

Idea, text, direction Ivo Dimchev
Performed by Nicola Schössler, Annina Machaz, Mirko Feliziani, Ivo Dimchev
Light design Giacomo Gorini
Music Emilian Gatsov
Production of Humarts Foundation and Volksroom Brussels
Co-produced by Impulstanz Vienna, Kaaitheater Brussels, Frascati Amsterdam

“One day I just realized how bored I am from the conventional way of my everyday professional communications.” Ivo Dimchev

A fantasy about sex and power.
At the headquarters of an imaginary festival in Copenhagen, the performance artist Ivo Dimchev discusses with a curator the terms for presenting his latest show.
What begins as a hilariously dry and realistic negotiation soon transforms professional protocol into a manifestation of sexual fantasy and power.
The performance explores and makes visible the subconscious connections between power and desire in professional relationships.
Fest is absolutely fictional and is not based on any real professional experience.
Let’s say it’s inspired by reality . . . but mostly is inspired by Dimchev’s guilty love for theater in its more “conventional” setting.

July | Vienna (AT)
October | Amsterdam (NL)
January / February | Brussels (BE)
March | Paris (FR)
August | Vienna (AT)
October | Berlin (DE), Ghent (BE)
January | New York, Philadelphia (USA)
February | Helsinki (FI)
April | Berlin (DE)
July | Frankfurt (DE)
March | Barcelona (ES)



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